Join Taidie (tay-dee) as she embarks on a micro-journey to a wondrous place: inner space. Discovering the world under her own skin and travelling through the cosmos within a single atom, Taidie is in awe of the unseen world all around. She and all who follow her gain a new and inspiring perspective.


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Taidie (tay-dee), itching for a break from a stressful moment in time, launches into space to take a break. She wanders past galaxies, meets a living planet and floats amid the textures of the stars. 

Returning to Earth, she appreciates her home planet more deeply, admiring the sheer beauty to which she had become too accustomed. 

Rosie Kosinski, author and illustrator, brings to life a refreshing daydream through stream-of-consciousness illustrations and poetry. All ages can appreciate the art, language and message.

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Yoga is often portrayed as an activity involving a perfectly smooth boulder alongside a dawn-kissed lake, as a balancing act on crisp spring grass or relaxing poses amidst whale music and incense. 

What if I told you that you could do yoga during your bathroom break at work? At a rest stop at night on a long drive? As a pick-me-up during a conference trip? On the airplane without blocking the aisle? 

The poses in this book are curated for you to enjoy in a confined space, if you are not inclined to get up on your work desk and mimic a fresh pretzel. These are restorative poses that will help you feel more awake and relaxed when you have been stagnant or are stressed and need a few minutes to yourself.

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