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This salmon dish is a year-round favourite that is an elegant addition to rice or potatoes and salad. Preferably grilled on a barbecue for optimal texture and taste, this is a great oven creation as well.


INGREDIENTS (to serve 4 happy or 3 extra-satisfied people)

1 slab of salmon (approximately 2 pounds)

1 lemon sliced into 1/4 inch circles

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 handful of dill


Create a tin foil tray by folding the sides into each other.


Preheat the oven or barbecue to 400 degrees fahrenheit/ 200 degrees celsius.


Wash the salmon under lukewarm water and place on your handmade tray.


Spread the olive oil over the salmon evenly.


Scatter the dill over the fish and place the lemon on top of the dill.


Barbecue or place in the oven for 20 minutes. Check the salmon with a fork if it is thicker than 1 inch at its thickest, and add 5 minutes if needed (probably needed). If the fish flakes apart at its natural grain, it is done.



Recipe by Grant Clark

Illustrations by Rosie Kosinski