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Recipe produced and written by Bill King. I can attest that the texture of this roast is undeniably perfect.

Get a big ol' hunk of meat. Look for pork picnic roast. They are flavorful, beautifully laced with fat, and very affordable. If you are feeling fancy, pork butt or pork shoulder would work fine as well. Make sure you get a large cut (> 6 lbs). Small cuts don’t work well with long-duration oven roasting.

Cut open the wrap

Drain the blood. Wash the exterior of the roast briefly with water and dry well. Make sure you get most of the moisture out of the surface. A little bit of water is OK but if you have too much, you would be oven-boiling it instead of roasting it.

Do not season. This is quite counter-intuitive. But repeated experiment confirms that the results are superior without seasoning prior to roasting.

Wrap the meat with multiple layers of heavy foil very tightly. Very very tightly.

Very very very tightly.

Set your oven temperature to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (if your oven does not support such low temperature, set it to the lowest possible setting). A low temperature prevents it from being overcooked while allowing most of the fat and the connective tissues to break down, soaking the meat in its own juice.

After 24 – 48 hours, turn off the oven. Let it cool in the oven to room temperature. Do not remove foil.

Refrigerate overnight. The roast would fall apart in a jiffy if you attempted to do anything to it at this time.

Take the roast out from the fridge. Remove the foil. Cut into ¾ inch steaks. Season well on both sides.

Pan sear for a minute per side on high heat.

Top with finely-chopped scallion. Enjoy!

The mess from my drawing process. Illustration by Rosie Kosinski.