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This is a from-scratch curry inspired by my stuffed crepe recipe with a few crunchy additions and tingling spices. A wonderfully quick and easy meal sure to satisfy the hungriest of guests. 


1.5 cups of white Jasmine rice

4 small sweet onions

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

20 oz / 580g mushrooms (2 of those longer packets)

handful of cashews

4-5 tablespoons of Curry

2 tablespoons of Tumeric

1-2 tablespoons of Punjab Red Tandoori

dash o' salt and pepper

Serves 4-6

Cook the Jasmine rice. I like to toast it in a dollop of coconut oil for 3-4 minutes on high before simmering it for 15 minutes on low.

Dice up those onions and don't stop chopping even if the pile seems to high, it will cook down. For dicing techniques, click here. Over high heat, caramelize the mound of onions for 15-20 minutes along with all the spices and dashes of salt and pepper if desired. Stir regularly.

Meanwhile, dice the mushrooms. A blender or food processor on LOW is a fuss free, tidy and fast (um, perfect) way to dice them. When the onions are cooked through and browned, add the mushroom pile (which will also cook down) and stir into the mixture. Set the heat to low, cover and let steam for 10-15 minutes. You can cook this well in advance and let those spices really get in there.

Chop and toss the cashews into the warm mixture just as you are ready to serve.

Serve the rice with the curry and watch as your guests melt in a puddle of happiness. A side of my pea, tomato and scallion salad (coming next) and fresh lean burger steaks (next after that) are fantastic sides.


Illustrations by Rosie Kosinski

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